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I am a self taught natural Henna Artist. I have been practicing the art of henna since many years. All my art is done by hand without a template and can be customized at the client's request. I make designs in a traditional Indian or Arabic style combining elements with a modern style. I can easily execute whatever style the client desires. I am an avid artist and my other interests are painting (Oil and Watercolor) and decorating candles with natural henna. The candles are decorated with natural henna paste and protected by a clear sealant which makes the candle suitable for burning.


I only use 100% natural fresh ingredients to ensure your safety and for the darkest stain. I do not use any kind of artificial dyes or chemicals in the henna paste.


Every year I set up my henna booth in the Art Festivals at Eagan, Northfield and Lakeville. I have also been part of International festival-Mankato in past years. Apart from these, I do henna at various parties and special events.


With every design I create, my passion for doing henna grows even more.


- Rakhi (Raa-khee)

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