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Apart from various Art festivals, I also do Henna at various parties like, birthdays, graduation, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and other events. I try to accommodate requests according to customer's convenience and my availability. Usually, the pricing for Henna is dependent on the designs and the level of intricacy desired. For parties, the pricing for Henna varies by design, number of people, duration and sometimes the distance. If you are interested and want to experience this enticing art, then please send a note with details using this form.

home party


For any party at home, you can choose from the following options.


  • For a party of 15 or fewer people, the rate is $ 100/hour. This rate is also applicable for children’s parties.

  • For a party of more than 15 people, the rate is $150/hour.

  • Each adult attendee can pay for her own henna depending on the design, with at least 15 people attending. This is good for "Bridal Showers" or "Girl’s Night Out".

  • A one hour minimum is required for this type of event.

bridal henna

  • Bridal henna starts from $200 and above, depending on bride's choices. 

      *Bridal Party Henna charges will be separate.


  • A $50 deposit required upon booking for any type of event

  • If for some reason the event needs to be cancelled, it can be rescheduled within six weeks of the initial date depending on availability otherwise the deposit amount will be returned.

  • If the event is at a distance of 40 miles and above, fee will be applied at half the hourly rate for travel time.

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